I got ENGAGED!!!

Lots of big news this week! 

If you weren’t tuned in we competed in the Asia CrossFit Championships two weeks ago and took 2nd place as a team. 

That may sound pretty good to most people and it is “pretty good” but do you know what we say to that

We’re not happy and it’s not good enough… 

But that is the point of competing in as many competitions as we can before the real test, the Games. 

We learned a lot of lessons with the worm and double DT.

Practicing together in high stakes environments like the Asia CrossFit Championships and Wodapalooza is exactly what we want to do as a team in order to iron out little missteps and mistakes.

We're fired up more than ever after this competition but we know there’s still more work to be done. And it’s much better to learn now than to sit on our laurels and wait. 

I think that’s a good lesson that we’ve taken away from our experience, there’s always more work to be done. 

And while that might seem a little discouraging, we see it as a challenge to ourselves to keep working.   

Now the mindset of “Not good enough” and “More work to be done” might be an interesting stance to take on what a lot of people would consider a great placing by taking 2nd but I want to flip that on its head for a second.

What happens when we start thinking in our every day lives “That was good enough.”? 

Or “I’ve made it, I don’t need to put in as much effort now” ? 

“Good enough” turns into complacency. 

“I’ve made it” turns into “I’ll do it tomorrow.” 

They both turn into an excuse. 

For us, and for everything that we put time and energy into, sometimes “good enough” really ISN’T good enough.

And having this mindset keeps us humble and doesn’t let us slip into bad habits. 

But we also know that you can’t go 100% all the time. And your body does need rest and recovery and (for us) exploration! 

That’s why Ras and I carved out a week after the completion to explore China! 


We saw the famous Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, did one of the world’s most dangerous hikes - Mount Huashan (where you're literally walking on planks on the side on a cliff!), and explored the Great Wall of China.

And if you follow my IG you might have seen that something really special happened out there… 



In other news, we have a really cool giveaway coming up with Nike!

They made specialty Grown Strong patches to put on shoes, backpacks, or wherever you can think to put them!

We’ll be announcing how to get them on my IG in the next week or two so stay tuned!



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Love you all!


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