My first BLOG :)

Hey Fit Friends!

It’s Lauren, checking in with you.

To let you know, we try to do a newsletter and a similar blog post once every two weeks with a little update on what’s going on with GrownStrong and some interesting tidbits in the CrossFit, fitness, and nutrition worlds. (Hopefully soon we'll pick it up and give you guys an update every week).

Ras and I got back a few days ago from our fitness retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and it was amazing! 

We worked out in the sun in the Jungle Gym in Tulum where all of the weights are made from wood and stone! (Seriously, check it out…)

We explored cenotes and waterfalls. And made a bunch of new friends in the process! 

Check out some pictures below:

Aside from that, we’re back to regular life in sunny San Diego.

But not for long… We’re gearing up for the Asia CrossFit Championship at the end of the month in Shanghai as team Invictus Grown Strong with RasTommy, and Regan!

I can’t wait to experience the Chinese culture and get some more practice together in a competition setting before the Games!

Have any of you been to China?

Ras and I will be staying for a week after and visiting Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing!

Let me know if you have any recommendations to see or do or eat while we’re in those cities :)


I was also lucky enough to sit down and talk with a CrossFit OG in Jason Khalipa on his AMRAP Mentality podcast.

We dove into my current nutrition and training, the decision on going individual vs team for the Games this year, and what it means to be Grown Strong!

Give it a listen by clicking on the picture below or click here.

 Here’s a quote that I recently found and have been really loving:

“Movement is medicine for changing a person’s physical, emotional, and mental state.”

Not sure who to attribute it to but I really like it!

If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut. Get out and move! 


To cap it off, this is an article I've been reading and really liked from a company called Precision Nutrition called: 

Overstressed and overeating:
How to solve the two biggest health and fitness problems most women face.

I think it really encapsulates a lot of the struggles we have with making time to focus on ourselves and eat healthily and it gives a couple of really good mental exercises to go through! 

Hope you enjoy!
- LF


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