Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge women to tap into their individual strength and to see that strong is beautiful.

No matter what age, color, weight or whatever it may be, nothing should stop you from following your dreams or achieving the goals you have set. Grown Strong stretches way beyond fitness. It represents an inner compass to guide us fearlessly through life’s journey. We are all stronger than we imagine and giving up is simply not an option. Lauren has been working hard to achieve her athletic goals her whole life and her hope is to inspire others to do the same. Not just within fitness and athletics, but with whatever you may be facing in life daily. There have been many ups and downs throughout her career, but it has never stopped her from going after her goals. This relentless pursuit is what she hopes to inspire in other women. A community – “Crafted by Discipline”. 

Our Story

Lauren grew up with three brothers who always played rough and would pick on her. When she was little, she would run inside and cry to her mom who told her to brush it off and get back out there. In her teenage years, she would play sports with her brothers, who would ultimately introduce her to the high intensity training at just age 14, which she still practices today. “That’s where GrownStrong comes from—my experiences growing up with my brothers and finding my own strength as a girl playing in a boy’s world.” Lauren believes in reshaping our societal notion of beauty, replacing skinny with strong and always driving forward no matter what challenge you are facing.

 Meet The Founder

Lauren Fisher, 25, has established herself as one of the country’s most promising up-and-coming elite athletes. With her signature loose ponytail and sparking smile, her fierce drive inspires fans to strive for greatness in all they do. When she was just 18, Lauren came fast and hard onto the competitive fitness scene, placing 12th at the CrossFit NorCal Regionals. At age 20, she represented Team USA at the Junior World Championships in Weightlifting. And in 2014, she finished 9th overall at the CrossFit Games as the youngest athlete in the competition. Lauren's formula is surprisingly simple: stay dedicated and work a little harder than everyone else—success will follow.