How To Motivate Yourself To Workout (+Why You’re Struggling)

Let’s face it, sometimes the idea of working out feels more enticing than actually doing it.. If you struggle with finding workout motivation or wonder how to motivate yourself to workout you’re not alone—even the most elite athletes have off days!

Whether it’s beginner's fear or being short on time that’s affecting your motivation, it’s important to remember that YOU are your  greatest adversary when it comes to committing to a fitness plan. While excitement may not be the term you use to describe your workout routine now, planning ahead and implementing simple habits into your everyday life will help achieve the amazing mental and physical reward that comes with finding a rhythm.

In an effort to help you regain your passion for fitness, or possibly discover your motivation for the very first time, we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons people tend to lose workout motivation and some helpful tips to get you back on track. 


1. You don’t have a routine

Creating structure in your daily life is not only useful to help you accomplish your fitness goals, but also boosts overall productivity. The first step when committing to a routine is to optimize the variables to work in your favor. For example, your schedule. Consider what time of day you not only prefer to exercise, but also  makes sense with the rest of your schedule. Optimizing the time of day you workout makes it easier to find the fitness motivation you’re lacking. I suggest working out at various times throughout your first week to find what works best for you. An important note: what works for other people may not be the best fit for you, so be realistic and honest with yourself throughout this process and schedule accordingly. 

Once you have set a time aside, be diligent and try not to deviate. You may notice after a few weeks that you begin to look forward to your morning run or evening spin class.

2. You have a poor diet/drink too much alcohol

Drinks after work? Feeling lethargic after eating a big meal? These common habits could be killing your workout motivation! The thought of working out the morning after a girl’s night out and a couple of cocktails sounds... dreadful, to say the least. I mean, finding fitness motivation can be hard enough as it is, let alone adding a hangover into the mix.  

But, have you ever wondered why your performance in the gym decreases after a night drinking? Here is why—”during exercise, your muscles burn glucose for energy. This produces lactic acid. Too much lactic acid leads to muscle fatigue and cramps. Exercising after drinking causes your liver to work slower to clear your system of lactic acid because it’s already working to get rid of the toxins from the alcohol.” This means that even if you get yourself to the gym, you may be discouraged by your results! Instead, try to only drink in moderation and use that extra energy to reach new fitness goals. [1]

3. You don’t know how to manage your time/priorities

Time management may seem difficult at first, but once you’re clear on your priorities setting time aside for a workout will become second nature. You may balk at this statement and wonder, “How am I ever going to find workout motivation when I am already so busy with my daily life?” Well, I think of it this way—imagine how much closer to your fitness goals you’d be if you traded three, 10-minute scroll sessions on Instagram, or half of an episode of Game Of Thrones, to focusing on your fitness goals.  When you think about it, the idea doesn’t seem so outlandish.  

If time seems to be your biggest struggle when finding fitness motivation, don’t worry, it gets easier.. But for now, focus on eating a healthy diet, minimizing your drinking, and finding a routine that works for your schedule. Doing so will dramatically improve your workout motivation and set you up for future success. 


1. Stop making excuses

That’s right, this is an intervention. No beating around the bush here. Stop making excuses and  coming up with a bunch of reasons or justifications to why you can’t find the motivation to workout. Reframe your thought process and take responsibility. Workout motivation comes from wanting to be the best and strongest version of yourself and being accountable to your goals. You are your own champion, show up for her! 

2. Buy a workout outfit that makes you feel good

Science has proven that gratification is a huge way to spark initiative toward a specific goal. What better way to spark up some fitness motivation than investing in a new cute gym outfit? In fact, studies have shown that when students dress up for standardized tests, they perform better! If you’re looking for a gym outfit that’s not only cute and comfortable, but also provides the fit and function to get a great workout, the Fearless X Limitless sports bra and legging set is the best there is. Each piece was thoughtfully designed to help you maximize performance and boost your confidence. Wearing it will truly make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Did I mention it also comes in three super flattering colors? 

Moral of the story… treat yourself! Find a new  outfit that makes you feel fierce, and then take a look in the mirror, and admire yourself.. You are fearless, limitless, and beautiful!

Grown Strong Fearless Limitless Sports Bra and Leggings

3. Start small

One of the most common ways people lose fitness motivation is because they have a tendency to set unrealistic, or unattainable goals. People are often motivated by progress—when you can see or experience the fruits of your labor, you’re more likely to continue down the path to success. The best way to overcome this is to start with a simple 20 to30-minute workout, like the GS-30 program from Grown Strong Fitness. GS-30 is not only perfect for anyone short on time or equipment, but also a great for people who are just getting started on their fitness journey. GS-30 is a full-body HIIT workout that helps you burn calories, improves your energy levels, boosts your metabolism, and builds your strength and endurance in just 30 minutes. But, unlike other fitness programs, the Grown Strong fitness program is scalable and flexible and offers 30-, 60-, and 75-minute options to meet a variety of fitness levels and lifestyles.  This allows you to build up strength and motivation at your own pace, rather than feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. Starting small and setting realistic and attainable goals is the best way to build consistency. It also helps you build confidence and see the results of all your hard work! 

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

Please, do yourself a favor and stop comparing your progress to other people! Everyone is in a different phase of their fitness journey and comparing yourself to others may not only hurt your workout motivation, but hurt your confidence and self-esteem. If you see someone at the gym or online who inspires you, reach out and ask what keeps them motivated. Build relationships and see what you can learn from the people around you instead of making comparisons. One of the greatest rewards that Grown Strong members share with us is their appreciation for the continuous motivation and support they receive on a daily basis from the community. Remember to embrace your own journey and appreciate and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

5. Follow inspiring social media accounts and unfollow toxic accounts

Wondering how to motivate yourself to workout can be a huge struggle. But following toxic social media accounts makes the entire process so much harder! Instead, follow accounts that motivate you to take your fitness to the next level, bring value to your journey, and make you feel included. Social media is a great tool when it’s utilized correctly, but it can also lead to discouragement if you’re not careful. Don’t be afraid to unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Know that it’s okay to walk away from things that no longer serve you, grow you, or make you happy, and this includes digital influence. Find accounts that resonate and encourage you to chase your goals and help you accomplish them.  


Finding consistent workout motivation is a process, but not impossible. There will be days it won’t come at all, and that’s okay!. The goal here is to continuously optimize your routine so you can see long-term results. By first recognizing your limiting beliefs and “reasons” for not being motivated, you can then clarify your goals, prioritize your health, designate a specific time to workout, and ultimately scale your fitness goals. 

Finding workout motivation begins when you make yourself a priority.