4 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Summer is officially here y'all!

With the crazy year we have had, now is the time to get out and explore the world! Okay, maybe for some of us, a trip to Rome isn't in the books quite yet… But maybe a quick trip to your local state park or a mini-staycation at home can satisfy your vaca itch. Whether you are traveling across the country or traveling to your backyard with your favorite summer treat in hand… one thing for sure is that your fitness does not need to go on hold. In fact, working out on vacation can be really beneficial! With the change of weather, elevation, and time, our bodies will try to adjust to this new environment. This could look like disrupted sleeping patterns, digestive issues, or just feeling a little off in general. Getting in some movement and drinking plenty of fluids could help your body adjust to all of these changes. Plus, working out produces happy chemicals in our brains, and who doesn’t want to feel extra happy on vacation??

Obviously, we don't want to be spending hours training or working out, but there are some quick, easy, and simple ways to get your fitness in! Have limited space and time? No worries! Try these simple workouts in the morning or whenever you have some downtime.


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Quick workouts you can do anywhere! 


Workout 1

Three Sets:

Bulgarian Split Squats
x 24 Reps (12 Each Side)

Straight Into

Banded Clamshells
x 20 Reps (10 Each side)

Cossack Lunges
x 20 Reps (10 Each Side)

*Rest 60 seconds between sets


Workout 2

Rotate station every minute on the minute for:
15 minutes (5 Sets)

Station 1:
Banded Side Lying Leg Raise
30-50 Seconds (Left Side)

Station 2:
Banded Side-Lying Leg Raises
30-50 Seconds (Right Side)

Station 3:
Banded Plank Hip Taps
30-50 Second


Workout 3

For time:
3 Rounds

100 Single Unders
20 V-ups
20 Burpees

15 minute time cap


Workout 4

As many rounds as possible in:
7 Minutes

40 Double Unders
(or 80 Single Unders)
Push Ups
Sit Ups

*Every new round add two reps
to the Push Ups and Sit Ups.


Vacations should be fun! So don't worry if you can't workout every day. Here at Grown Strong, we believe that fitness should be fun too, and is part of our lifestyle. So if you can spare 10 minutes for yourself, try these workouts and let us know how they go! Need some compact, easy to carry with you equipment? We got you covered! You can snag some by clicking the button below!