Grown Strong



Are you ready for a mid-year challenge? Grown Strong is offering YOU the chance to join our 8 weeks detox challenge where we'll focus on correct food, habits and activity for optimizing health and improve body composition.

Starts: July 11th

Length: 8 Weeks

Ends: September 4th

5 Daily Goals:

#1 Eat food within four detox categories

#2 Sweat daily

#3 Drink lemon water

#4 Daily sleep minimum

#5 Dry brushing every day

Additionally, we have a daily 1% Better Challenge that you should aim to complete every day.


○ 8 weeks of detoxing your body and restart your body's internal system.

○ Learn what foods are good for your body and how they can make you full of energy.

○ Gain more clarity and confidence

○ Establish a new routine

○ Educational nutrition content all the way throughout. Leave not only feeling better and healthier but gain the information you need to continue your progress.


We want to ensure your success so we'll send you text messages straight to your phone daily!

○ Daily accountability all the way throughout the 8 weeks

○ Weekly check ins for progress tracking

○ All delivered via text right to your phone


We're awarding top 3 with prizes valued over $3,000! That’s right! $3,000 worth of prizes that will be delivered to your door.

We've collaborated with some awesome brands to deliver special discounts to all participants! AND some special gifts for Top 3! 

Some of the brands:

○ Hyperice

○ Barbella Box

○ Tula

○ Shanti Bar

○ Nike

○ GSGO Timer
○ Momentous

○ Performa Sleep


"I have gained muscle mass, lost body fat, and my performance in my workout has improved significantly. Amazing what getting the right amount of protein can do 😂 Always my hardest macros to hit, for whatever reason. I’m proud of myself, today, and I intend to keep going. Thank you @laurenfisher @jenn_ryan and @grownstrong for helping me feel like myself, again."

"I am noticing such a difference in my mobility, my endurance, and my strength! I blasted through my deadlift PR on accident, I did 18 unbroken wall balls (I can go up in weight!), my rowing pace has almost doubled, and I can now do a full chaturanga through an entire yoga workout (not perfect, but progress)!"

"THIS!!! This right here is why I LOVE this program!!!!! These were my favorite jeans in 2016!!!! Then I got pregnant with my third and gained 80lbs and have been working my ass off to slowly loose it. I put in the work. I changed my eating habits. I slip up. ALOT. But that’s okay. Because my mind is determined for SUCCESS!!!! In November I couldn’t button the top!!!! And here we are!!!! I have ALOT further to go…. but this is a reminder to keep going….."

"I’m feeling better and I’m excited to continue this journey I’ve started 6 weeks ago on the #strongernewyear nutrition challenge."