Dry Brushing


During this challenge you should dry brush your dead skin off at least once a day.


1. Use a natural (not synthetic) bristle dry brush.
2. Stand in the shower (makes it easier), but no water running just yet.
3. Start with any area of your body, and work your way around to all extremities and the trunk. Use a gentle circular motion, going over each area several times.
4. When you're done, rinse off in the shower.

If you don't already have a bristle we suggest getting THIS ONE from Amazon. You should also be able to find one at your local store.


1. Eliminate Dead Skin

Yes, your skin dies! Then it is replaced with brand new skin cells. Dry brushing every day and speed this process up by quickly getting rid of the dead skin cells. This not only gets rid of dead skin cells but also increases the formation of new skin cells! New skin cells are packed with a glowy, softer, smoother and more natural feel.

2. Improve Kidney Functionality

One of the most important effects of dry brushing is when the lymphatic system is cleansed, the cells need a new supply of nutrients. The faster and more frequent this cycle repeats, the faster the food can be digested and provide the necessary nutrients. This could relieve any stress and support the kidneys. 

3. Reduces Cellulite

Dry brushing enhances the new skin cells to formulate over your body but also improves the visualization of cellulite. While it may not completely remove it, you will notice a positive difference in appearance.