Week 1 - Let's get started!

This week Jenn breaks down:

• How to create a plate
• Improve Digestion

We start simple, however, we've often see that the simple steps are overlooked!

Take a look at the videos below and then move on to you homework.


Here's a list of things we want you to focus on this week. By the end of the week you can complete the checklist below and tick off the things you were able to complete.

1. Eat at least once a day according to Jenn's "How to create a plate"
2. Be mindfull about chewing your food thoroughly
3. Be relaxed while eating for at least the majority of your daily meals.
4. Walk at least once a day after eating a meal. (No required length)
5. Eat less food with processed sugar than you usually do.

6. Drink apple cider vinega or take digestive enzymes before some of your "heavier" meals.
7. Eat at least 25-35 g. women / 35-45 g. men of fiber each day.