5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Strength Training

We know how it feels… walking into the gym feeling extremely intimidated by all of the machines and weights. You see the weight room and immediately turn around because it all seems overwhelming. What do you use? How do I get the results I want? How often do I workout and what exactly do I workout with?

The truth is, strength training is for everyone! And while it can be overwhelming to start, we know that once you do it will transform your life. We thought it was important today to share 5 things every woman should know about strength training so that you can get a better look into why it’s for you! Having trouble knowing where to start? Our Grown Strong Fitness programs are a beginners dream! Check it out here to see how our amazing community can help you get your start into the strength training world!



1. Lifting heavy will not bulk you up, it will lean you out!


So many women are afraid that lifting = bulky muscles. Do not let that fear stop you from strength training. Lifting weights can help you lean out and build a body that you desire. In fact, most people start seeing more results once they incorporate strength training into their gym routines. Resistance and strength training is proven to lower your body fat and build lean muscle over time, helping you feel strong physically and mentally by getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your body to new limits!


2. It helps you get to know your body


The #1 thing we have heard within Grown Strong Fitness is that our programs allow women to get to know their body better. Having an exhausting day? Okay maybe it’s time to dial it back to a quick 20-30 minute strength workout. Waking up feeling amazing? Let’s get it with some added extra weight! You learn how to listen to your body and its signals. Getting in tune with your body is such an amazing benefit to strength training!


3. You Build Confidence


Strength training may lead to one of the biggest confidence boosters! Not only will you start to feel great about yourself physically, but mentally as well! Crushing your goals, moving up in weights and allowing yourself to see your progress builds confidence inside and outside of the gym. Scared to start weight training alone? Grab a friend! That’s exactly the reason why we have Grown Strong Fitness’s private Facebook group. These ladies push each other and build each other up daily and we truly believe that confidence is the BEST side effect!


4. You’ll learn the moves quick


While there are always more exercises out there, you and your body will quickly become comfortable with moving your body with weight. While we love our go to moves, we ALWAYS slightly change things up to keep your body guessing and growing! We’ll move through lateral moves, rotations, changing up tempos and emom times. Grown Strong Fitness allows you to become familiar with the program so you can be confident every time you open your app, but not so familiar that you won’t see results. Truly the best of both worlds!


5. Rest is important


Your body needs to rest. We include 2 mandatory rest days in Grown Strong Fitness. During these days we encourage you to do what feels right for your body. Whether it’s a quick yoga flow, a hike with your four legged friend or a total day off, take it! Your body needs this time to recover and rebuild those muscles that you are toning! Struggling with rest days? Check out this blog post on How To Approach Rest Days Without Feeling Guilty.



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