6 Workout Hairstyles That Will Survive Any Gym Sesh!

Have you seen those pictures of athletes who are mid-workout or mid-lift, and you are so impressed not just by what they are doing… but because they have a bunch of hair in front of their face. How are they working out like that? Isn’t it annoying to have a mop covering your face??? And then there are those people who look gorgeous mid-workout. You know the ones. Where not a hair is unintentionally out of place. Well, we know you are gorgeous no matter what you look like. Butttttt sometimes it is helpful to have a rock-solid due that looks cute and gets the job done.



Look cute and have your hair out of your face? YES PLEASE! Sign me up! Whether you are running, upside down, climbing, or lifting… here are our top 6 workout hairstyles that will get you through any gym sesh.


1. Pineapple Bun

So, there are a few versions of this hairstyle. And depending on the texture and amount of your hair, the pineapple might look more like an apple bun. Still cute tho. If you have curly or textured hair, this style holds up nicely

*Pro-tip: scrunchies work best to keep your hair in place! It’s perfect for when you have double unders, burpees, or any sort of lifting in a workout. Plus, you don’t have to try so hard and it takes seconds. Just flip, twist, tighten… and bam! You are ready to crush your workout.

2. French Braid

This is the perfect double under hair! It stays perfectly in place while you are jumping around so you don’t have to waste precious seconds re-doing your hair. If you have realllllly long hair you *might* still smack yourself in the face with your gorgeous mane, if that’s the case twist your hair in a low bun with an extra hair tie.

*Fun fact: French braids didn’t come from the French. Other cultures around the world have been braiding their hair for centuries. So, really no one knows exactly why we call them French braids…but what we do know is that they are a solid hairstyle choice!

3. Ariana Grande High Ponytail

Depending on your generation, you might call this hairstyle something different, but no matter what generation you are a part of, you know the high pony. It is bold. It is sassy. It is fierce. Let’s channel that energy into our workouts! This look is awesome because it is super low maintenance, looks cute, and the best part, it’s perfect for when you are in-between hair washes. In fact, Ari’s hairstylist Josh Liu said that ponytails are easier to style when your hair hasn’t been washed! Say no more. Cute and low-maintenance? Just what we need in our lives!

4. Lauren Fisher Ponytail

Okay okay. We are a little biased on this one *wink face* Our fearless leader LF made a splash in the CrossFit scene because she’s an amazing athlete andddddd everyone knows the famous Lauren Fisher messy pony. While not everyone has long hair like Lauren, you can still make your own version of a “messy ponytail.” While messy is cute, we get that it can be a little distracting if you have hair all over your face, so don’t be afraid to add a headband!



5. Power Braids

Warning! PR’s will most likely occur if wearing powerbraids. Okay, maybe not exactly a guarantee… but you best believe that you will feel stronger with this look. This is the ultimate you mean business due. Perfect for basically any movement you can think of, handstand push ups, double unders... You name it!

6. Low Pony

No, you won’t look like a colonial man from the 1800’s. Low ponytails are chic, they are sophisticated and oh so Vogue darling. This is a great option for those of us who get headaches from having our hair up all the time. You can add a cute clip to keep your baby hairs in place, or even add a little braid or two.

*Pro-tip: If you are going to rock the low pony on a back squat day, we recommend twisting your hair in a low bun. Not that this will happen to you because you will NEVER fail a back squat (right???), but by chance you do fail and you have to ditch the bar, we don’t want your hair to get caught on the bar! Cute and safe is our motto!



These are some basic (but in a good kind of basic) workout hairstyles that we find score a 10/10 when it comes to style and functionality. And because we all have different lengths, textures and style of hair, these workout hairstyles can be modified for your unique hairdos.


We would love to see you test out these workout hairstyles! On your next gym sesh, take a pic of your hairstyle and tag us! #IamGrownStrong