Introducing Aimee Anaya Everett



In case you've missed it we've been revealing our Grown Strong Leaders this week over on Instagram! Yesterday, we released our first leader video on Youtube and are incredibly excited to share with you the story of Aimee Anaya Everett and how she is Grown Strong. To say her childhood was not easy is an understatement. She is a fighter, a warrior, a true hero. Here's a little bit about Aimee and why she was chosen to be one of our Grown Strong Leaders.



After a standout career on the platform including time at the Olympic Training Center, Aimee retired as an athlete to focus on coaching. She is the Co-Owner of Catalyst Athletics with her husband Greg Everett. She is also the founder and Co-Owner of CrossFit Magnify in Redmond, Oregon. In total, she has devoted the last 25 years to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting as an athlete and a coach, and in her time as a coach, she has become one of few female International Coaches in USA Weightlifting—a very prestigious accomplishment as a female coach.



She has been involved in CrossFit since the early days when she would join her coach, Mike Burgener, and assist him during his Olympic Weightlifting presentation at the Level 1 CrossFit certifications. She spent many years coaching for him at Olympic Weightlifting CrossFit Certifications before opening Catalyst Athletics with her husband, Greg Everett, who owned the 4th CrossFit Affiliate in the world—from whom she has learned a great deal about original CrossFit methodologies. Aimee has been the main coach for several CrossFit Games athletes, assisting them with their Olympic lifting and/or mental training. At the 2018 CrossFit Games, she was one of 3 female coaches for individual athletes, and hopes to be an inspiration to other female coaches that they too can do this.



Aimee has a passion for mental training and toughness, and is currently working on her third Master’s Degree pertaining to Psychology. She loves coaching and believes that mental toughness is what separates the elite from the champions. She dedicates her life to helping others achieve their goals, and welcomes all levels—whether it be a grandmother wanting to have the strength and energy to chase her grandchildren, an aspiring Olympian, someone who wants to be mentally stronger, or an athlete with dreams to podium at the CrossFit Games. Her goal is to help people become better in life and sport through mental work, strength, fitness & health, and happiness—in and outside of the gym.
“Those who master themselves find strength”.



Aimee has been married for 11 years, has an amazing, beautiful 18 year old daughter about to go to college, 2 English Labs, and lives on a mountain in Oregon. She loves to read, write, cook, be creative, and help others. Aimee is also passionate about animals— especially dogs, lions, tigers, elephants, and rhinos. 


"I used to compare my own strength with other’s—my physical, emotional, and mental strength. And I realized many years ago that this was a huge mistake. We all have different strength and different capabilities just like we are all hit differently with life... I was spending so much time trying to be my best version of someone else that I was diminishing my own strength.
I was letting myself down and not giving my inner strength credit for showing up for me every single day and shaping me in to the woman I am today. 
Part of being strong is believing you are worthy, you are important, holding your head high when faced with difficulties, and being proud of your accomplishments.
Strength comes in so many forms — and part of being grown strong is knowing I am enough, I am worthy, I am a champion of my life, and I can carry all of my broken pieces and all of my accolades confidently- because I came from nothing and all of those things form together to make this amazing person you see standing here today.
I am a fighter. I am a survivor. I am amazing. I value my worth. And I am GROWN STRONG."
You can follow Aimee HERE and make sure to watch the video below. She has a powerful story and we are excited to share it with you!