Trend or fad?? Are Biker Shorts Really In??

It's called fashion darling. Functional fashion.
The great dispute is over. Controversy no more! Gone are the days of inner thigh chafing and that uncomfortable shorts that keep rolling. You know the kind.

We are here to make a bold statement. Biker shorts are IN! And we want to get you on the shorter, cooler, and newer train. 

Here are our top 10 Reasons why you should roll with the biker short 

1. Run, walk, dance, lift, climb… Do it all without that uncomfortable inner thigh chafing. Since thigh gaps are no longer (and never have been) a thing, we are blessing the clothing gods for bringing back these longer shorts. While booty shorts are cute, and pants are great, sometimes you need something in between. Pants can feel like leg prisons at times, and booty shorts or shorter shorts aren't always the comfiest when running or lifting… so biker shorts are great for staying cool (literally and figuratively) while also saving your inner thighs from that uncomfortable chafing.

2. Tight and Right! Compression is great when you are running or lifting. It offers extra supports to your thighs so you will be comfortable and springy.

3. Pair them with a cute crop, an oversized t-shirt, sports bra, or tank. Grown Strong of course. ;) You can't go wrong.

4. Wear them in or outside of the gym. YES. We are here for it. Function and fashion. Athleisure wear is HOT right now, and as an active go-getter, ladies, function, and fashion are essential. With a button-down? Sweater? Jean jacket? Yes. Yes. Yes.

5. Haters will argue that you should never wear biker shorts unless you are actually biking. But we've never listened to haters. You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. It's all about how it makes you feel. Do bike shorts make you feel cool and confident? Sweet! Then you do you and strut your stuff.

6. Great for barbell cycling. You know, when you lift and wear shorts and you are left with a bunch of red marks from the bar rubbing on your thigh. Well, while that might be a technique issue that you need to talk to your coach about… biker shorts can help save your thighs from those gnarly barbel marks.

7. Perfect for yoga and mobilizing. Whether it's hot yoga, yin, or just a long mobility session at home, biker shorts are your BFFs. Stay close to your body and not as stuffy as pants.

8. There are so many cute options! From monocholor to patterns… we got options! With endless options and brands a few tips on what to look out for. If you are using them to work out, look for a cooling fabric. And if you can, do the squat test. You know the one… checking for sheer fabric and making sure they are extra comfy for all of your activities.

9. Perfect for hiking and outdoor activities! If you are the outdoorsy type, these shorts are perfect for long hikes or "nature walks." Again we repeat yay to no chafing! Plus, they keep you protected and cool enough for when things start heating up

10. Ultimately, whether you are for biker shorts or not… it's important to remember that in a few months, the "trend" will change. But you know what won't change? The fact that you like the function and fashion of biker shorts. So, no matter what season, if you like the look and feel of these thigh-length shorts... You do you! It's your body, and you should rock whatever you want!