Quick Start Guide

During this challenge we'll be tracking 5 daily goals + our 1% better challenge daily as well. Sounds confusing and overwhelming? Don't worry we'll explain everything on this page as well as a checklist at the bottom. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS SITE AND COMPLETE CHECKLIST BEFORE STARTING CHALLENGE.


Let's get to it. As mentioned there's 5 daily goals you should aim to complete EVERY DAY throughout the next 8 weeks.

#1 Eat food within four detox categories
#2 Sweat daily

#3 Drink lemon water
#4 Daily sleep minimum
#5 Dry brushing every day

On top of that we have a daily 1% Better Challenge that you should aim to complete everyday as well. 


Below we'll cover exactly what each category means and what you need to do.

#1 Eat food within four detox categories

Each day you should aim to eat food at least once from within each of the four detox categories:
‣ Prebiotic food
‣ Probiotic food
‣ Liver support
‣ Thyroid support

On THIS page you'll find a list of options to choose from within each category so you don't have to worry about searching.


#2 Sweat daily

As a part of this 8 weeks detox challenge we ask that you sweat at least once a day. As you sweat your body is getting rid of toxins and it's a great way to help your body reset. Whether you do our daily GS fitness or something else it's completely up to you. On THIS page you can find a list of alternative options that makes it easy to break a sweat.


#3 Drink lemon water

Surprisingly enough a small change to your daily morning routine can have huge health impacts. During this challenge we ask that you drink a glass of water with a half fresh squeezed lemon in it. The benefits from drinking lemon water are too long to list here, but to name a few it's excellent for aiding in digestion, powerful antioxidant properties (protects you against diseases), weight loss friendly and much more. Click HERE to read more about the benefits of lemon water.


#4 Daily sleep minimum

Sleep is a crucial part of not just detoxing but overall health. During this challenge we're looking to get at least 7 hours of sleep each day and ideally 8 if possible. This includes naps so even if you can't find enough time for 7 hours of continuous sleep then make it up by taking some naps! If you are not used to 7+ hours of sleep then you'll be amazed the way it makes you feel! Click HERE to find out exactly why sleep is so important.


#5 Dry brushing every day

The skin is the largest detoxification organ, and it eliminates 30% of the body's daily waste. YES 30%! Dry brushing can stimulate your skin and aid in the removal of toxins. It's easy to do and feels great afterwards. Simply purchase a natural (not synthetic) bristle dry brush if you don't already have one and at least once a day brush all the dead skin off of your body. On THIS page you can find more information about dry brushing, how to do it, as well as a recommendations on what brush to get.


1% Better Challenge

We'll send you the daily challenge via text message straight to your phone every morning. It typically won't take more than 10 minutes to complete and it can range from anything between ab workouts and stretching flows to journal prompts and guided meditation. This can be completed at any point throughout the day. Click HERE to see what's been released so far.



Before diving into details we should talk about the goal for this challenge. We are not your quick 30 days to a shredded abs and a big butt! Instead we believe in building a healthy YOU and a lean, good looking body is a by-product of becoming healthy. For the next 8 weeks we want to help you detox your body so you can get rid of all the toxins we tend to build up. Depending on how many toxins you have you can expect to feel more energized, lean out and feel better. Additionally, it's important for us that you walk away from this challenge knowing how to continue your health journey. We'll provide you with a lot of tips and tricks so you can continue the progress.



On our website, once you've logged in, you'll see "DETOX YOUR SUMMER CHALLENGE". Click on it and you'll be able to see all the details about this challenge throughout.

Additionally we'll send you text messages straight to your phone! These are some of the messages you can expect:
‣ Text first thing in the morning with your 1% Better Challenge.
‣ Text every evening with a daily (short) check in on how your day went.
 Weekly check in on Sunday's that will ask you more in depth questions about how the week went for you.
 Weekly sales from GS and partnering businesses.
 Recipe of the week
 Educational content
Updates and extra



While we want to award everyone who complete this challenge we wouldn't be able to. Instead, we'll choose 1 winner based on participation and posting.
Below are what you'll need to complete:
 Post once a week on social media
 Complete all the 1% Better Challenges